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Supuesta info para generar dns txt

1. Call Google Apps for Business help (you could also e-mail them). You need to enter your customer and support PIN. Where is that? you may ask if you don't know what you're doing (like me)? It's not on your normal log in dashboard. You have to log on as an administrator: "To locate your PIN information, log in to your control panel at https://www.google.com/a/your_domain.com and click the Support tab. Be sure to replace 'your_domain.com' with you actual domain name."

2. They will send you an e-mail with a code in the subject line (code looks like [ ref:8274027DvXY87:ref ] you just need the part between the :  :) The instructions they e-mail say "Verification Option #1: Create a special CNAME record. Create the following CNAME record for your domain through your domain hosting provider. [ticket number found in the subject of the email from Google] points to ghs.google.com

3. Go the link they provided for instructions. Click on "popular domain names" and select 1 and 1. Following the instructions on the link, log into your 1 and 1 account and click on your domain and add a sub-domain with the address you picked in the Google Apps account, and put ghs.google.com in the CNAME,. etc. Now, this will help to point mail to your new Google Apps gmail account, but it doesn't get you verified. And, there's no way to enter "8274027DvXY87 points to ghs.google.com" because it will return an error that says the text you entered is too long. And if you try to shorten it, it won't let you enter the spaces in the phrase. That's because (I think - at least this worked for me) you then need to do something else.

4. Following the instructions on the link again, you need to enter ANOTHER sub-domain. This one you should name "ticket number" that is, name it the code from the e-mail Google Help sent (like 8274027DvXY87). THEN, click on that sub-domain and "Edit DNS" and click the CNAME button and in that CNAME record enter "ghs.google.com"

5. Then reply to the Google Help e-mail and let them know that you've changed it. Wait a day or two and they will e-mail back and it should (hopefully!) work.

6. Note that I'm not sure if you really need to do both steps 3 and 4 above (maybe somebody who knows what they're doing will respond here), but that's what I did and it seemed to work.

Good luck and I hope you don't find this as frustrating as I did!!!! (my son kept asking why I was saying all those bad words)