Chromium OS

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To copy the image to a USB key, use:

 ./ --from=../build/images/x86-generic/R24-2946.0.2012_09_25_1952-a1

To convert it to a VMWare image, use:

 ./ --from=../build/images/x86-generic/R24-2946.0.2012_09_25_1952-a1 --board=x86-generic

If you have qemu-kvm installed, you can start the image by: sudo kvm -m 1024 -vga std -pidfile /tmp/ -net nic,model=virtio -net user,hostfwd=tcp::9222-:22 \

       -hda /home/alejandro/trunk/src/build/images/x86-generic/R24-2946.0.2012_09_25_1952-a1/chromiumos_qemu_image.bin

--Erchache2000 19:58 25 sep 2012 (CEST) --Erchache2000 (discusión) 23:52 24 ene 2016 (CET) --Erchache2000 (discusión) 09:46 3 mayo 2016 (CEST)