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actualizacion a leopard

works great! typing on a mac leopard right now upgraded from tiger 10.4.11 use a good dl dvd like verbatim and program like clonecd to burn it. as for me, i just installed it using partition from external hard drive.

here's a step by step tut on how i did it on my macbook

first u will need an external hard drive with at least 8gb or a thumb drive with at least 8gb.

if u are using a thumb drive, skip this part as u wont need to partition it.

Partitioning 1. back up everything from ur hard drive, put it in ur computer temporarily if u have to cuz it will delete everything on ur hd. 2. go to disk utility on ur mac 3. highlight ur external hd from the left should be under ur internal hd or disc drive. 4. go to partition should be in the upper middle of page and from the drop down menu under volume scheme, pick 2 partitions. 5. u want to make an 8 gb partition on ur hd. click on the second half of unnamed box. 6. to the right, type in the volume information. i would like to name this partition Leopard OSX install and under format, select mac os extended journaled and then put the size to 8 gb. 7. now click on the first half of the box and name it whatever u want and then leave the size alone as it is the leftover. 8. now on the lower right corner of the screen it says either apply or partition, click on it, then proceed. u r now done with partitioning part.

Making Leopard OSX Backup from partition hd 1. go to disk utility if u aren't already there. 2. to the left, if u partition ur hd, u should see 2 different hd. click on the main external hd the one with ur external hd name not the partition ones 3. click on the restore tab in the upper middle of page. 4. in the source field, drag ur leopard.isodont click browse it might be greyed just look for the file and drag it there. 5. in the destination field, drag ur partitioned 8gb hd from the left the one that we named Leopard OSX install earlier. 6. click on restore. wait for a lil bit to finish. 7. once it's done copying, go to system preferences, then click on startup disk. 8. select the partitioned hd should be called mac osx 10.5 9. click restart and install leopard.

the thumb drive is similar except u wont need to partition it so u go to the second part of the tut, ignore step 2, just use the thumb drive like the partitioned hd. hope this helps. i think it's way easier to do it this way if u are just upgrading from tiger to leopard. also u dont have to waste money on bad burned disc. dl could be quite expensive if u keep going through them. also u could just keep the installer on ur hd for future referrence. anyways, this is just the proven point that this torrent really works. thanks alot magibon!